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May 21, 2015
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Proactive Management vs. Reactive Management

ford-pintoRemember (or maybe you don’t) cruising down the road at a snappy 45 mph, sporting your shades as the breeze blows through your hair while driving your 1978 pumpkin orange Ford Pinto?  Slow Ride is blaring from the eight-track cassette player, you’re enjoying your sweet ride and suddenly – smoke starts bellowing from the hood of your orange crush – you can’t believe your eyes! Now you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, luckily you’re wearing your flip-flops because it’s a scorching 96 degrees outside. You’re hot, you’re thirsty and by now you’re kicking yourself because you recall the conversation with the mechanic, the one where he said, “You need a new radiator and cooling fan, don’t ignore it – you could end up with permanent engine damage.”

This isn’t the first time this has happened to you, but you still didn’t heed the mechanic’s warnings. You tell yourself you didn’t exactly have the cash and you were honestly hoping you and your little orange cream would make it through another year together and then you’d get the problems fixed. Only this time – – it’s too little, too late. The mechanic tells you if you had fixed it when he originally told you about the problems, it would have cost $135 (1978 prices) and now the cost is, well… a new engine, more than your orange creamsicle is worth.


It’s present day, you’re the owner of your own law firm and you’re thinking back on your Ford Pinto experience – you cringe. As a lawyer, you’re cringing for two reasons: 1) you owned a Ford Pinto! (It was one of the most dangerous cars on the road – getting rear-ended in that death trap caused the fuel tank to explode, which incidentally would have only been an $11 fix for Ford to make to avoid these explosions. How ironic, given you’re reminiscing about being proactive vs. reactive). You snap out of it and remember point 2) you didn’t listen to the mechanic and that delay cost you your beloved orange crush (albeit a Ford Pinto), but it could have been your life.

Your law office is busy – you have two cases set for trial over the next two weeks so you want to make sure your network is running smoothly; you don’t need any glitches at this point. You breathe a sigh of relief because you know you have a managed service provider that has your back! Three years ago, you had IT in a Pinch set up your network and monitor your system 24/7. You also take comfort in knowing that your files are backed up daily on your system as well as to IT in a Pinch’s cloud computing service. Over the past three years you’ve hired several new employees, which means added computers to your network, file sharing, and due to the sensitive nature of your work, ensuring your files are safe – no problem, IT in a Pinch takes care of all that for you. You think back on the chaotic way you used to manage things (wait – break – and fix approach) and how stressful and costly that method was (not only for you, but also for the Ford Motor Company). Your Ford Pinto taught you one thing – be proactive; don’t wait until something explodes before looking at potential problems – Ford probably wished they had.

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