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May 4, 2015
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May 21, 2015
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Security with IT in a Pinch


Lately, every time you turn on the news you hear phrases such as “Worms, viruses, security breaches, or they’ve been hacked.” Oftentimes this conjures up notable events like Stuxnet and famed characters such as Edward Snowden, large enterprises like Sony Pictures, Home Depot, or Target; and without pause, characteristic countries such as North Korea, China, and Russia. What do these events, people, businesses, and countries have to do with your company? Security and security breaches.

You may not think your system holds anything of value that Russia or China would be interested in. Or maybe you think your business isn’t high profile enough. Think again!

A 2011 survey conducted by Ponemon Research revealed that 90% of U.S. businesses have had their computer systems breached at least once in the past year. An astonishing 60% said they had two or more breaches over the past year. Additionally, in March of last year, the FBI, working in conjunction with the White House, notified 3,000 businesses, large and small of the cyber attacks or security breaches that had penetrated their computer systems. The extraordinary concern here is that those 3,000 intrusions identified are only a small portion, there are far more intrusions that have yet to be recognized.

So what’s the answer? Reduce your vulnerability and you reduce the threat. Businesses can and should implement proactive strategies to help reduce their vulnerability to cyber threats, such as:

  1. Establish strong passwords and change them frequently
  2. Ensure you have a strong firewall
  3. Update software regularly
  4. Backup data regularly
  5. Secure laptops and mobile phones
  6. Educate your employees about the dangers of email attachments/links and surfing the web
  7. Then… monitor, monitor, monitor.

The above strategies are all great internal measures that every business should implement, but businesses should think beyond the listed internal measures in order to secure their data from outside intrusions. It’s much easier to prevent an intrusion than to have to deal with the aftermath of an intrusion. This is where IT in a Pinch can help. We provide enhanced network security services to protect and secure your Internet/Intranet environments from network attacks. We are committed to helping our customers prevent, identify, and solve potential network security problems.

If you need more security protection than what you currently have or have questions on how IT in a Pinch can help, give us a call today!  512-982-9999

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