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May 15, 2015
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Storage, Data Backup & Recovery

Office workers with a laptopEveryone is probably familiar with losing data at one time or another. You’re in the middle of a project and without warning your system crashes, your data is corrupt, or you have a server failure and can’t access your data. By now you’re in a flat out panic, you blurt out some expletives and begin praying to the Gods… any God!   You’ve been working feverishly for three weeks on your client’s project and you now have nothing to show for all your hard work – except frustration and fear. You dread the next conversation, the one with your boss where she asks, “Jack, what were you thinking, you didn’t perform a backup? Do you know how much this little “slip” is going to cost the company? What do I pay you for, you don’t know Jack!” Your boss informs you that if this ever happens again it will be your head that will need to be recovered, never mind the data! As you move with lightening speed to escape her office, her ear-splitting screams penetrate your bones, “You better find a way to ensure this never happens again!”  You vow to never have a conversation like that again with your boss, so what do you do? Do you go into the witness protection program, find a new job, plot your revenge? No, you take the high road, you put your IT thinking cap on and do the smart thing – – – you get a backup and recovery plan.

Designate IT in a Pinch as your backup and recovery plan, your data storage solution, and your information equalizer. Our responsive high-speed servers are a reliable automated solution to storing your data off site and the answer to swift data restoration. No more worries of lost data and nightmare conversations with your boss; IT in a Pinch ensures your data is secure, accessible and ready when you need it.

Not ready to store your data offsite? We provide data recovery services when the unthinkable happens. Our data recovery service can help when you need to restore your servers, individual files, applications or OS to any specific point in time before your data was lost or your system compromised.

The best solution is being proactive and having IT in a Pinch as your storage and backup solution, but when that’s not possible, we can help restore your system and your data so that you can get to work!

Call IT in a Pinch today and redefine your business. We define what storage, backup and recovery looks like.

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